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QOLMod is The Best Free Mod Menu, It has a user friendly interface with over 70 features to help improve your Geometry Dash experience such as Speedhack, Show Hitboxes, Startpos Switcher, Solid Wave Trail and much more.

How to use.

On Windows / Mac:

  • Press Tab, F12, or Insert on your keyboard
  • The keybinds for opening the mod menu can be changed in the Mod Settings

On Android:

  • Press the button on your screen to open the mod menu.


  • Fixed Show Hitboxes Colours not loading correctly
  • Fixed Transparent Lists not applying to Leaderboards
  • Fixed Shaders breaking Noclip Tint On Death
  • Fixed Unlock Buttons applying on list pages
  • Fixed Confirm Practice Mode not working for exiting practice mode
  • Fixed the FPS label text appearing as (a body part on girls that i dont think hjfod will let me say on new index) for the first few seconds
  • Fixed No Glow not working
  • Ported All Modes Platformer on Windows
  • Ported Random Seed
  • Added No Robot Fire
  • Added Best In Percentage
  • Added Auto LDM
  • Added Auto Collect Coins
  • Added No Spider Dash Effect
  • Added Longer Trail
  • Added Suicide
  • Added Best Run Label


  • Fixed CPS and FPS counter being broken
  • Fixed dying in noclip causing fps to be wrong
  • Fixed Transparent Lists not applying to Map Packs
  • Added One Attempt Practice Complete
  • Added Coins In Practice



  • Removed all imgui code so that wine players can use qolmod
  • Fixed multiple CPS Counter bugs
  • Added Total CPS option to CPS Counter
  • Changed how FPS is counted, should be more accurate
  • Removed F12 keybind by default
  • Fixed more touch issues
  • Renamed TPS Bypass to Physics Bypass
  • Added Show Touches


  • Fixed the UI Button disappearing if you have Transition Customizer enabled
  • Lowered the Hitbox Trail limit to hopefully fix lag
  • Slider Limit Bypass now works on the scale slider in the editor
  • Added Hide Pause Button
  • Added Pause Countdown


  • Fixed Touch Issues (now uses geode::Popup<>)
  • Fixed Startpos switcher not switching using keybinds if you have the mod Custom Keybinds installed
  • Noclip no longer triggers safe mode if you haven't died this attempt
  • Quests in Pause is now enabled by default
  • Fixed Noclip Accuracy being VERY wrong
  • Fixed Instant Respawn killing the player twice
  • Added No Short Numbers
  • Added Respawn Time Customizer
  • Added Smart Startpos


  • Fixed Separate Dual Icons and Pride Trails not working
  • Fixed Crash pressing physical keyboard keys on Android
  • Fixed Startpos Switcher not sorting startpos's by X position
  • Fixed Speedhack Triggering Safe Mode even if it is above 1.0
  • Fixed Hitbox Trail not working
  • Fixed Incompatible Modules not being able to be disabled
  • Lowered Default Position of Startpos Switcher UI
  • Added Moveable Startpos Switcher UI
  • Rewrote Safe Mode system
  • Improved Performance by making Force Platformer only apply on level open
  • Added Main Menu Gameplay


  • Fixed a game softlock when opening the RecordKeyPopup on mobile
  • Fixed the gradient theme not working
  • Fixed not being able to click in the shop
  • Fixed CPS Label not working on Windows
  • Added Main Level Song Bypass (thanks @Capeling)
  • Added Startpos Switcher


  • Fixed pressing presets in speedhack section not saving the value
  • Fixed the mod not loading on the latest geode beta


  • Fixed pressing the mod settings button crashing the game
  • Fixed the mod not loading on the latest geode alpha


  • Fixed the mod not loading on the latest geode alpha


  • Fixed tags not showing on the mod index page
  • Fixed No Respawn Blink not working on the second player
  • Fixed being able to click invisible inputs
  • Added Show Layout on android
  • Added Pulsing Menu on android


  • Fixed Trail And Wave Trail having the wrong default colour in icon effects
  • Cheat indicator now properly works if Auto Safe Mode is disabled
  • Fixed Transitions being the wrong speed on macos
  • Added Menu Keybind customizer in the mod settings
  • Adjusted Pastel Colour code to be more optimised
  • Removed hide endscreen button as it was added in 2.206
  • Fixed Conditional Auto Retry triggering in practice or platformer mode
  • Changed mod id from TheSillyDoggo.Cheats to thesillydoggo.qolmod to comply with new index
  • Added support for 2.206


  • Fixed Bass being boosted on some devices
  • Added Trail and Wave Trail options to icon effects
  • Added option to customize the colours used in the fade icon effect mode
  • Added No Orb Pulse
  • Fixed Hide Endscreen putting the button at the bottom of the end screen
  • Fixed Options Button being in the wrong Place with Full Options Menu enabled
  • Icon Effects automatically disable if you have incompatible mods enabled


  • Added Individual X/Y scale mode in Creator Set Scale
  • Performance Improvements
  • Added Show Level Password
  • Added Pitch Shifter
  • Fixed Being unable to scroll in some layers


  • Added new 'Darken' theme
  • Added Blur Mod Menu BG (May cause lag on devices with weak gpus)
  • Added No Wave Trail Remove
  • Added Editor Set Scale and Set Rotation functions
  • Removed the [?] button from the universal tab
  • Moved Transition Customizer to its own module
  • Misc UI Related Bug Fixes / Changes


  • Added Conditional Auto-Retry
  • Added Auto Practice Mode
  • Added Unlock Buttons
  • Added Disable in-game
  • Redesigned the button tab in the config menu, this also resulted in Hide Button being moved to the menu tab
  • Show Layout shows Hidden objects
  • Added an option to customize show layout bg and ground colours
  • Fixed Show Layout making the ground's white
  • Show Layout now disables pulse triggers
  • Fixed Show Triggers making the triggers disappear once they've been on screen
  • Fixed a bug that makes cataclysm and a few other levels impossible
  • Fixed Incompatibility with better pause and being able to click through some popups
  • Fixed Gradient Appearing white


  • Fixed Crash Playing Levels a second time


  • Fixed crash on MacOS
  • Removed Pulse Scene because of unnecessary lag
  • Fixed Vertical sliders with slider limit bypass
  • Fixed timewarp messing with the fps counter
  • Added Clicks Per Second Counter
  • Added No "Do Not" Flip
  • Mod is now build with a pdb, which basically means crashlogs will show what line in qolmod crashed


  • Label Corners now save the corner
  • Fixed Crash Playing Levels on Windows
  • Fixed Attempt Count saying nullptr every attempt
  • Increased the amount of numbers you can input in tps bypass to 11
  • FPS Counter now only updates every half of a second instead of every frame
  • Added No Transition and Verify Hack On MacOS


  • Added Random Seed
  • Improved Performance of a lot of stuff
  • Added Mod Descriptions to Settings Popups
  • Added ability to move labels to different corners
  • Added TPS Bypass
  • Added Main Level Bypass
  • Added Tower Level Bypass
  • Added Slider Limit Bypass
  • Added [EXPERIMENTAL] Mac Support


  • Show Trajectory shows where you will die
  • Readded Show Layout
  • Fixed another crash opening mod menu
  • Optimised the on screen button
  • Made the mod menu popup scrollable
  • Fixed Spelling mistake in confirm restart
  • Added All Modes Platformer
  • Added Comment History Bypass
  • Added Game Time label
  • Temporarily removed replay because of bugs
  • Redesigned Config Menu
  • Added Search Box


  • Added customizable message label
  • Temporarily removed show layout because of editor crashes
  • Added Show Trajectory (Beta)
  • Added Instant Fade (Makes the mod menu button instantly disappear instead of slowly fading)
  • Safe Mode Kicks you out of the level now instead of showing the end screen, it was really broken
  • Removed Debug Button from Speedhack
  • Added Speedhack Presets
  • Added Speedhack transition fixes


  • Fixed windows not being able to open the mod menu, sorry
  • Added No Wave Pulse
  • Added Jump Hack


  • Fixed startup crash


  • Fixed bug where fixed hitboxes were shown in the editor even is show hitboxes was disabled
  • Fixed crash playing user levels


  • Added Coin Finder
  • Fixed crash opening mod menu
  • Added Fixed Hitboxes for players
  • Added Accurate Percentage
  • Added Classic Percentage (before 2.2)
  • Added Show Layout
  • Added Attempts Status Text


  • Added hitbox colour customizer
  • Fixed hitboxes in mirror portal mode
  • Added no particles on android
  • Added Kill at % (also supports time for platformer)
  • Added Noclip tint on death


  • Fixed practice hitboxes being broken
  • Added Replay status text
  • Readded thicker hitboxes
  • Added fill hitboxes
  • Made hitbox trail work for 2 player
  • Show Hitboxes is now considered a cheat


  • Added Hitbox Trail
  • Added Quests in Pause


  • Added Show Triggers in normal mode
  • Fixed editor crash


  • Added Pulsing menu and pulsing scene
  • Added Creator category for creator hacks
  • Fixed descriptions being openable multiple times
  • Added Custom Object Limit Bypass (pc only for now)
  • Added Free Scroll


  • Added Noclip Deaths and Noclip Accuracy


  • Fixed transparent bg causing textureldr to crash
  • Fixed Typo
  • Added status texts


  • Fixed Icon Effects
  • made alpha happy ^w^
  • and some other stuff i dont want to write down


  • Fixed Speedhack
  • Added Verify Hack
  • Improved Safe Mode


  • Added auto song download
  • Fixed Crash Opening Mod menu
  • Fixed Instant Restart being broken on android 32
  • Added No reverse portal
  • Fixed input nodes
  • Added full options menu
  • Added hide player
  • Added no respawn blink
  • Added All modes platformer (windows only)
  • Added level uncomplete
  • Added show hitboxes and show hitboxes on death
  • Added no static camera
  • Added scale button slider
  • Removed fps bypass since it was VERY broken, replaces with full options menu
  • Fixed Spider and Robot with icon effects
  • Added Gradient Pages integration
  • Added TAB + Insert hotkeys to open the mod menu
  • Added Replay Bot (beta)


  • Added additional borders for npesta texture pack users
  • Fixed RobTop levels with the level edit fix
  • Added Force Object Visibility
  • Added No Glow
  • Added Noclip Deaths and Noclip Accuracy it's delayed because this shits annoying to fix
  • Added Alerts to the text bypasses to let the user know that they can crash
  • Added Instant Restart
  • Added Transition Customizer
  • Fixed Solid Wave Trail white being broken
  • Temporarily removed thicker hitboxes due to lag :(


  • Fixed Level Edit breaking level page, for anyone who used this before the update: Press the ? button in the levels tab while in the broken level. Do this fast as the button WILL BE REMOVED IN THE FUTURE
  • Added Force Trail On and Force Trail Off
  • Added No Camera Shake
  • Added Force Platformer On Android
  • Moved Confirm Practice and Confirm Restart From Universal to Level
  • Added Menu Animations, From Left, From Right, From Top, From Bottom and Scale
  • Added FPS Bypass (Beta)
  • Added Noclip broken slope fix
  • Added Herobrine Zulguroth


  • Added Level Edit
  • Removed boob dropdown (sad day)
  • Fixed lag with Transparent BG


  • Added hide endscreen
  • Fixed button not being clickable on the pause menu
  • Re enable text bypasses
  • Fix incorrect menu speed during transition
  • Re-added the text bypasses due to hopefully fixing the crashes
  • Added Transparent BG & Transparent Lists
  • Added Confirm Practice and Confirm Restart
  • Fixed show hitboxes breaking (vanilla one)
  • Added thicker hitboxes


  • Added Icon Effects (RGB Icons)
  • Added no Wave Trail
  • Removed the text limit bypasses due to crashes, sorry :/
  • Created an official Discord Server


  • Added back the button wheh in gameplay
  • Fixed pause crash with speedhack


  • Fixed crash when playing user levels
  • Added character filter and character limit bypass
  • Fixed balls duplicating nvm i broke it :(
  • Pause menu is still broken, if you can't click any buttons press esc or the back button on your phone (the arrow)
  • Added No Particles, No Shaders, Text Limit Bypass, Text Character Bypass and Speedhack Music


  • Fixed force priority issues in newest geode build
  • Fixed absolllutes credits button being bigger on medium and low graphics
  • Added trash button next to speedhack input
  • Fixed crashes on some phones when changing menus


  • Initial Release
The recommended way to install mods is through the in-game mod loader. You will have to manually install the .geode files you get from this page.

Some mods also require other mods as dependencies; you will need to find and install them yourself.

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