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Geode is a fan-made extension for Geometry Dash that adds mod support to the game. Browse from an in-game list to seamlessly download mods on Windows, Mac, and Android!

Geode is the most popular GD mod loader across all platforms. With an active community of both users and modders, nearly every mod you can imagine has been made or suggested!

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Geode is open-source and is designed to make the modding experience infinitely smoother for developers. Geode comes with a special hooking syntax as well as dozens of built-in UI components, utility functions, and everything else needed to make mods.

// Include Geode headers
#include <Geode/modify/MenuLayer.hpp>

using namespace geode::prelude;

// Add hooks to the main menu
class $modify(MenuLayer) {
    // Override the main menu creation
    bool init() {
        // Start off by creating the original main menu
        if (!MenuLayer::init())
            return false;
        // We are now modding!
        log::info("Hi from my mod!");

        return true;

Interested? Go to the Installation Page to download Geode for your device, or the Mods Browser to view what mods Geode has to offer!

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