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The ultimate Geometry Dash modding framework

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A modding toolkit for GD

Geode is a modding framework and mod loader that aims to standardize GD modding. It is cross-platform, and provides everything needed for modding, including a hooking library, Cocos2d & GD headers, and a ton of utilities from web requests to UI.

screenshot of in-game mod list in geometry dash
screenshot of in-game available geode mods

Install mods in-game

No more need to drag weird .DLL files around to obscure folders; mods in Geode can be installed from a list in-game on the click of a button, and updated the same way.

Easily manage mods

With Geode, you can disable mods at runtime, view their info, edit their settings, and uninstall them all in one place.

screenshot of installing a mod in-game in geometry dash

Things just work

With Geode, you don't have to fear that two mods mysteriously don't work with each other; Geode comes with a wide range of tools for modders to ensure their mod is compatible with others with simple, easy to refactor code.

Doesn't load .DLLs

Geode is incompatible with all non-Geode mods and mod loaders, by design. However, no need to worry; all your favorite mods, including Mega Hack, BetterEdit, and Texture Loader are already available on Geode, many with new and improved versions.

#include <Geode/modify/MenuLayer.hpp>

using namespace geode::prelude;

class $modify(MenuLayer) {
    bool init() {
        if (!MenuLayer::init())
            return false;
        log::info("Hi from my mod!");

        return true;

Declarative code

Geode has incredibly sugary syntax; hooks can be made by simply creating a class and overwriting functions on it. All information related to the hook can be contained within a single source file, with no need to specify things like calling conventions — Geode handles the rest for you!


Want to get started developing mods with Geode? Visit our documentation for information on how to install Geode, and how to create your first mod. If you are completely new to modding, we also have a handy handbook that explains how to learn modding from scratch.

Get involved

If you'd like to contribute to Geode by suggesting features, reporting bugs, submitting code, etc., feel free to open up an issue or pull request on the Geode repository! We also have a Discord Server, where you can chat about anything related to Geode and catgirls.