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Better Progression


Better Progression

A mod created by ItzKiba.


70+ hours and hundreds of crashes later, I present the Better Progression mod! This mod adds a leveling and experience system to Geometry Dash along with badges to track your progress!


  • Custom badges displayed on your profile that upgrades every 5 Tiers!
  • A custom experience bar that appears when you beat a level!
  • A new animation that appears when you level up your Tier!

Experience Values

The amount of EXP you get for each stat is shown below:

  • Stars: 5 EXP
  • Moons: 5 EXP
  • Diamonds: 2 EXP
  • Secret Coins: 100 EXP
  • User Coins: 20 EXP
  • Demons: 75 EXP
  • Creator Points: 5000 EXP


  • availax for creating the mod's icon
  • Geode's Discord for answering my REALLY stupid questions


  • Made compatible with Geode v3.0.0-beta.1
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Creator Points from being saved on game startup


  • Made compatible with Geode v3.0.0-alpha.2
  • Fixed a crash that occured when trying to load the mod without being logged in.


  • Added Tier Badges to leaderboard positions. Note that they may not be 100% accurate since some stats (such as diamonds) are not updated as frequently.
  • Fixed a crash caused by trying to open the game while logged out.
  • Finally added a description to the mod (ough im so silly).
  • Added an inconspicuous easter egg to someone's profile.


  • Added some additional checks for the Android volume issue.


  • Fixed a crash caused by unlinking your profile and trying to launch the game.
  • Fixed an issue on Android that caused the game volume to blast your ears after the Tier Up animation.
  • Updated Node IDs dependency to v1.9.1.


  • Fixed a bug that caused the Tier Up animation to play every time you open the game on Android.
  • Fixed a crash that was caused by blocking a player.


  • Made Better Screnshots incompatibile to protect against crashes.
  • Made Custom Profiles v1.0.6 and below incompatibile to protect against crashes.
  • Added a Mod Setting to disable the EXP check on startup. Enable this option if, for some reason, you see the Tier Up animation every time you open the game (mostly for Android users).


  • Fixed aspect ratio issue in the Tier Up screen.
  • Fixed the Tier Bar popup not showing up sometimes.


  • Fixed incompatibility with Prism Menu


  • Released
The recommended way to install mods is through the in-game mod loader. You will have to manually install the .geode files you get from this page.

Some mods also require other mods as dependencies; you will need to find and install them yourself.

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