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Prism Menu

By Firee A mod that intends to be a free alternative to other mod menus, while also adding extra useful additions. (Press Tab to open menu) Support Discord Server

Mod Example This mod menu also provides unique features not present in most mod menus, here are a few examples.

Tons of different mods

  • Prism Menu by default comes with a lot of mods / hacks that are in most mod menus! While the current amount is low, I plan on adding more as I update this mod.

Custom Themes

  • You can use the set themes present here, or create/import your own theme!
  • Currently, there are 2 themes available: Future Dark, Light, & Catppuccin, but you can create your own theme and share it with others!

Theme Example

Multi-Language Support

  • Prism Menu supports more languages than English, it supports Spanish, French, Portuguese (Brazilian), German, Russian, and many more!

Replay Bot (Quartz)

  • Prism Menu comes with a bot known as Quartz! (QBot or Quartz Bot)
  • Quartz supports GDR (GD Replay Format), meaning you can use your pre-existing macros on it.
  • Quartz also comes with a Macro Editor, making the recording process easier incase you made a mistake!

Cross Platform

  • Prism Menu is available on Windows, Mac, and Android!

How to use

Press on the circle button located on the left corner, or press Tab to open the menu!


  • Firee - Developer
  • TheSillyDoggo - Mod Logo Base & Speedhack code
  • Electrify - Translations for Spanish
  • ItzLucasOG - Translations for Spanish
  • Hero - Translations for Spanish
  • Jouca - Translations for French
  • dankmeme01 - Proofreading for Russian
  • MegaSa1nt - Translations for Russian
  • savvacorgi - Translations for Russian
  • Gazonk - Translations for Brazilian Portuguese
  • huhnmitferrari - Translations for German
  • Ignis - Translations for Czech
  • RzaIX - Translations for Indonesian
  • KONDIROTSU - Translations for Polish
  • olaf_294 - Translations for Polish
  • hori - Translations for Malay
  • slideglide - Translations for Turkish
  • tienanh109 - Translations for Vietnamese
  • WALVe - Translations for French

Send any suggestions or report any issues to the GitHub Repository or Discord Server. I hope you enjoy using the mod!


- Updated Dutch Translations
- Updated Indonesian Translations.
- Removed "No Transition" as it's not required anymore.
- Disabled Solid Wave Trail for Mac as it caused issues.
- (hopefully) Fixed both M1 Mac and Android32 issues.


- Added Mac Support
- Added "No Rotate" to the cheat list
- Updated Turkish Translations
- Updated Vietnamese Translations
- Updated Spanish Translations
- Updated Ukrainian Translations
- Updated Russian Translations
- Revert "Fixed bug with the Prism Button bugging out if you switch between windowed and full screen"


- Added "Hide Level"
- Added "Hide Player"
- Added "No Rotate"
- Added importing functionality back
- "Noclip Accuracy" now only shows if Noclip is enabled
- Allowed the next frame button to work even at the end of the frame (Macro Editor)
- Fixed bug with the Prism Button bugging out if you switch between windowed and full screen
- Fixed a bug with the previous frame button going to the negatives on Android
- Added a geode setting to "Force Hide Button"
- Added "Custom Object Bypass" for Android
- (hopefully) Fixed the hold bug when using Macro Editor
- (hopefully) Fixed the ImGui font issue


- Update to support Geode Beta 1


- Update Russian translations 
- Update Turkish translations
- Update Vietnamese translations


- Update to support Geode Alpha 2
- Change


- Fixed Noclip Accuracy for all platforms
- (hopefully) Fix the crash issue if someone has an old Prism Menu instance


- Allowed changing the keybind
- Added Ukrainian translations (Thank you Lancelot!)
- Added CBF warning 
- Added Custom Object Bypass (Only on Windows)
- Fixed Noclip Accuracy from going to the negatives. (On Windows)
- Temporarily removed No Pulse
- Removed Anticheat Bypass (since its useless now)
- (hopefully) Fix issues with Android on playing back a macro.
- Changed Mod ID from firee.PrismMenu to firee.prism


- Added indicators for the hold/release button
- Added Practice Music Hack back (a silly mistake I made with the if condition)
- Fix last frame not recalculated after you finish recording.
- (hopefully) Fix the issues with Macro Editor frame buttons not working


- Fixed issue where macros with no input would crash.
- Fixed issue with Uncomplete Level not working in ImGui style.
- Updated Turkish Translations.
- Updated Russian Translations.
- Removed ImGui support for Android (because it's not good!)
- Disabled Practice Music Hack as it caused some things to be unlocked that shouldn't have been unlocked.
- Fixed issue with deleting a macro not unselecting the deleted macro.
- Fixed issue with macros crashing the game if the last input frame is less than the real last input frame.


- Removed loadFromCheckpoint hook that caused Mac OS to crash (sorry Mac users :<)


- Fixed Macro Author name


- Added Quartz Bot (A replay bot)
- Added TPS Bypass (for all platforms)
- Allowed Noclip Accuracy to no longer require Anticheat Bypass to be enabled.
- Added No Death Effect.
- Added Instant Respawn.
- Added No Wave Pulse.
- Added Noclip Flash.
- Added Wave Pulse Size.
- Changed Info Button to be colored based on the theme.
- Removed "Enable Patching".
- Removed "Transparent BG". (Was causing lag, also there are alternative mods available)
- Refactored hack json files.
- Fixed No Death Effect not working with Hitbox on Death.
- Fixed startpos showing progress (again)


- Made the Prism Button hidden if you are in the Editor.
- Fixed bug with progress saving even in Test Mode.
- Fixed the ordering of the buttons for "Uncomplete Level".
- Fixed bug with Prism Button not working when using "Uncomplete Level".
- Updated Portuguese Translations.
- Updated Czech Translations.
- Fixed No Spikes.
- Fixed No Solids.


- Added Auto Safe Mode.
- Added No Shaders.
- Added Uncomplete Level.
- Allowed changing "percent digits".
- Added Show Hitboxes.
- Added Hitbox Stroke.
- Added Show Hitboxes on Death.
- Added Suicide.
- Added Disable Camera Effects.
- Added Turkish Translations.
- Added Vietnamese Translations.
- Fixed "Solid Wave Trail" not working for Mac OS.
- Fixed "No Transition" not working for Mac OS.
- Fixed bug with Jump Hack not working when upside down.
- Fixed issue with "Show Graphic Options" not working on ImGui.
- Fixed issue with Accurate Percentage not working sometimes in Test Mode.
- Fixed issue where if you erase all numbers in an input, it will crash on Android.


- Fixed bug with No Mirror Transition & Instant Mirror Portal if "No Effect" is applied.
- Fixed speedhack not syncing with gameplay correctly.
- Fixed Platformer Mode buttons not showing if you use Force Platformer Mode on Android.
- Fixed bug with camera effects affecting Cheat Indicator and Noclip Accuracy.
- Fixed issue with info text being off screen.
- Removed Text Length and Character Filter functionality.
- Fixed issue with Pause Buttons not working on Android after using menu.
- Fixed Jump Hack from acting on any input.
- Updated Spanish, Polish, Russian, Czech, and German.


- Fixed Mac OS issue with not being able to open menu.


- Added Dear ImGui back (from request)
- Fixed Accurate Percentage on levels with the End Level Trigger (Thanks dankmeme01!)
- Added Menu Style 
- Added Light Theme
- Added No Trail
- Added No Wave Trail
- Added No Glow
- Added Layout Mode for Android
- Added Solid Wave Trail
- Added Force Platformer Mode & Change Gravity for Android
- Added Show Hidden Objects (For Layout Mode)
- Added Noclip Accuracy
- Added a "Show Graphic Options" button (For Android users)


- Removed Dear ImGui :(
- Removed Menu Style.
- Fixed performance issues.
- Fixed text centering issues with info popup.


- Prevented users from being softlocked via speedhack.
- Fixed text scaling issue with other languages.
- Fixed issue with big checkmark on low & high quality mode.
- Disabled FPS Bypass on Mac OS (sorry it just doesn't work)


- Added Mac OS Support
- Replaced ImGui with a new natively made UI for GD (mainly for Android users. The option to switch back will be removed in the next update).
- Added Anticheat Bypass back for Android.
- Added Speedhack Audio
- Added Accurate Percentage back (thanks mat!)
- Fixed Safe Mode
- Added Spanish Translations (Thank you Electrify, Hero & ItzLucasOG!)
- Added Polish Translations (Thank you olaf_294 & KONDIROTSU!)
- Added Malay Translations (Thank you hori!)
- Added Text Length & Character Filter back.
- Fixed issue where if you were to import a theme that already exists, the game would crash.


- Fixed save issue


- Emergency Fix


- Added Indonesian Translations (Thank you RzaIX!)
- Fixed bug with Texture Loader crashing when applying a texture.
- Fixed bug with pause buttons not working.


- Added Russian Translations (Thank you MegaSa1nt, savvacorgi, and dankmeme01!)
- Added Czech Translations (Thank you Ignis!)
- Removed Free Shop Items for now so I can work on making a stats editor (Basically will make that useless)


- Fixed bug when you enter levels, it crashes. (On Android)


- Added support for 2.205 on Android.
- Fixed issue where the shop crashes.
- Removed "No Progress Bar" as it's now added in 2.205
- Added German translations (Thank you huhnmitferrari!)
- Fixed Portuguese translations


- Removed "Hide Testmode" from being considered a "cheat" in the "Cheat Indicator"
- Added Portuguese translations (Obrigado Gazonk!)


- Added live update for Menu Scale
- Increased the size of the scrollbar
- Fixed lag issues when the menu is open
- Fixed bug on PC where gravity doesn't work for platformer levels.
- Hopefully fixed crashing issue for Android if you press any other button in the Main Menu


- Fixed memory leak if you change languages from English.
- Fixed issue with Hide Testmode crashing.
- Fixed issue with Misc settings crashing on newer levels.
- Fixed other bugs


- Added French Translations (Merci Jouca !)
- Added Menu Scale (for people using Android)
- Added "X" button in the menu in case Android users can't close the menu.
- Added "Verify Hack" and "No (C) Mark" back
- Fixed issue with Prism Button not working on the main menu
- Fixed issue with speedhack not working on levels that use Time Warp
- Fixed "Progress Bar Position", "Attempt Opacity", and "No Progress Bar"
- Removed Hide Attempts


- Fixed bug with the game crashing if you are on a platformer level, and you press pause a couple of times.


- Disabled Layout Mode on Android (for now)
- Fixed issue with LevelInfoLayer crashing if its your own level and you have Copy Hack enabled.
- Fixed Force Platformer Mode and Gravity not working on Windows


- Geode public release
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