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Misc Bugfixes


Misc Bugfixes

Fixes several bugs in Geometry Dash. Doesn't affect gameplay at all.

Fixed bugs:

  • Save and Play out of memory crash (2.206 not yet)
    • Reduced the likelihood at least, may still happen
  • Incorrect Total Orbs Collected
    • Demon Keys are now awarded immediately and not on game restart!
  • Show Hitboxes not working with mirror portals (thanks Prevter)
  • Copy to Clipboard not working (Android only)
  • Saved Songs page switching lag
  • Profiles showing old/broken usernames (2.206 not fully yet)
  • "My Lists" Search showing incorrect usernames
  • Basement monster softlock
  • A crash caused by refreshing and liking comments at the same time
  • "12 days left" timer bug (2.206 not yet)

For a technical breakdown of the fixed bugs see


v1.2.0 (2024-05-00)

  • Added Show Hitboxes Mirror Portal fix
  • Beta 2 - enabled mac support again

v1.1.3 (2024-04-20)

  • Improved Geode Auto Updater fix

v1.1.2 (2024-03-28)

  • Made restarting after applying 4GB Patch safer
  • Fixed a possible startup crash
  • Enabled early-load for the mod

v1.1.1 (2024-03-15)

  • Improved CCMenuItem::activate crash fix

v1.1.0 (2024-03-11)

  • Added CCMenuItem::activate crash fix
  • Fixed Save and Play crashing for some Mac users with the mod installed

v1.0.1 (2024-03-08)

  • Initial release, labeled 1.0.1 because too many people downloaded actions builds that were labeled 1.0.0 and I want to be able to distinguish these
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