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Install Geode

Latest version: v2.0.0-beta.26

How to Use & Where to Find Mods

After installing Geode, you should see a new button for it in the bottom bar of the main menu. This button leads to a menu where you can configure all your mods & install new ones.

Screenshot of the main menu in Geometry Dash, featuring the Geode button in the bottom row

The default tab here is the list of installed mods. Press View to see more info about each mod.

Screenshot of the list of installed mods in Geode

You can download new mods from the Download page. Press View to see info about the mod and begin installation.

Screenshot of the list of downloadable mods in Geode

Need help?

If you need help using Geode, you can open an issue on Github or report to us on Discord. Please note that issues using mods should be directed to the mods' developers instead!